Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Floating down Mainstreet


Okay, I'm getting carried away with these posts. But I love them. And this is my blog. So....guess I'll just carry on. :)
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Now why didn't I post this for Father's Day?!


The world's cutest Dad! :) What a happy camper he is! Love you, Dad!
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Mr. and Mrs. Fourth of July! 2010


Love you, Mom and Dad! Happy 51st wedding anniversary!
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Happy Fourth of July everyone!


I know, I know....I'm early. But since I will not be available during the actual event this year, I thought I'd throw in this little gem from last year. We were at my parents' 50th wedding anniversary in Delta, Colorado. It was such an amazingly fun and wonderful reunion for our extended family. Props to all our kids and grandbabies for making the supreme effort to be there!
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Friday, June 17, 2011

My father and mother, and my son...


I chose this picture because I KNOW that my son will grow up to be one of the world's greatest fathers. He has truly been one of the world's GREATEST sons...
I was blessed to grow up in a home with a father who set the spiritual bar extremely high. His example of serving the Lord and his fellow man simply cannot be equaled, in my eyes. I never once came home late at night that he was not sitting at the kitchen table, pouring over his scriptures. More often than not, he would be excited about something in them and want to share it with me right then and there. He would gather us around and teach us from the scriptures at every opportunity, and he would gather us from the far corners of the house, yard, and neighborhood for family prayer. He was always, always serving the Lord. I can't even remember a time when he wasn't a church leader: Bishop, Stake President, Stake Patriarch. He was up before the sun rose every single day, tending to our animals, our "crops", our grain elevator, our stake, ward, and family. Not in that order. :) As a father he was tough on us. And I am the person I am today because of his high expectations and example. He is one of the greatest teachers I have ever been privileged to hear. He taught us to think in spiritual terms, and to expect miracles. He lived a life just slightly south of Job...and I remember pleading with the Lord to ease his trials, and reminding Him of what a great servant and disciple Dad had ALWAYS been. WHY oh why was he tried and tested at every turn? And when I told Dad this one day, he was quiet for a few moments and then through his tears he said, "Connie, I wouldn't change a thing..." Now that is a man who understands the big picture. That is a man who loves and trusts the Lord, and who has been refined by Him. That is the man who is my Dad. And that is the man to whom I owe much, much more that I could ever hope to repay. And that is the man I love with every single bit of my heart.
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Yet another wonderful father....


...Yes, we are blessed. We have wonderful fathers in this family of ours. And here is our Eldon, another devoted father to add to that list. Words cannot express how grateful we are to him, and how much we love him.
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While I'm on the subject of really great fathers....


Let me throw my brother, Dan, into the mix. He is unquestionably one of the most amazing fathers and grandfathers that I have ever known. He's also one of the best people I've ever known. He has been a constant source of joy and support to me, and my life simply would not be the same without him. "Daniel, my brother, you are older than me...." and I thank heaven for you every single day! I love you, more than you could possibly know.
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One of the greatest moments of my life....


There are some really wonderful fathers in this world. Lots and lots of them, in fact. But this son of mine is truly one of the best EVER. He is all a mom could ever hope for....and much, much more. Happy Father's Day, my son!
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The best choice I ever made....


...was the man who I wanted to be the Father of my children.
Happy Father's Day, my darling Torrey.
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Sunday, June 5, 2011

The best birthday gift a girl could get...


...the BOY flying in for the birthday weekend. :) What a fun time we all had with Corey!
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Happy 20th Birthday, Shauny girl!

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