Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Loaded up and ready to hit the road to college!

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LA Adams said...

I don't quite have an empty nest but having experienced it 4 times, I can understand the bittersweet. Do grandbabies make up for it?

Connie said...

Grandbabies have their own special kind of joy that you just cannot beat, and it's the greatest thing you can possibly imagine. In fact, every time I would start bawling again as we were driving home from Provo, Torrey would start talking about Chiara to cheer me up.....However, I still don't think there's any heartache quite like when your own kids leave home. That is a killer for me, no matter what else is wonderful. But just hearing how happy they are, and seeing them go out into the world and thrive makes me ecstatically happy, so I know that really is the best plan. :)