Monday, December 14, 2009

San Francisco State Bell Choir performance on temple hill...


We enjoyed their performance SO much, and then they let us don gloves and touch the bells. :) We invited our new friends to go with us, and we had a great time. Torrey befriended Henry in the aisles of Orchard Supply Hardware, and they ended up splitting a gallon of Round Up which saved both of us a lot of money...You meet the nicest people in the most interesting places.
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Caroline Craven said...

I love that you got to touch the bells - aren't they sacred or something like that!?! You two do pick up friends in the most interesting places. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Its a great way to stay connected. I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas. Do all your kids get to come home? I hope so!

Connie said...

Yes! The bells are super expensive--about $20,000 for the set, I think she said--and can easily be damaged. They sit on a 4 inch layer of foam with a heavy black cloth over it. Soooooo delightful to hear and watch. Loved it!!!
Thanks for the Christmas wishes and right back atcha! We will have ALL our kids home this year which may be the last time in a while since they will start spreading out all over America this Fall when their respective schools start....So we will soak up every single precious moment for sure--and hope you and your family do the same!