Friday, February 25, 2011

Cousins are the best kind of friends


Chiara and Everett meeting up once again! This was a trip to Utah for several of us over Valentine's Day weekend. I flew in from California, Shelli and Chiara drove down from Idaho (and snagged me from the airport on the way past), and Haley and Everett flew in from Virginia. It was sheer heaven for this grandma, for sure!!! So fun to spend time with them, and also Kevin and Rachel, and Shauna and her newly minted fiance, Corey. :) I love my life--And my husband for providing it for me! You're a superstar, my Sweetest! Thanks for the best Valentine's Day present EVER!!! And thanks to Eldon and Bryce for doing without your girls (and one little boy) for awhile so I could have them. LOVE you all so much!!!!!!!
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Caroline Craven said...

Congrats to Shauna!!! Can't believe she is engaged. What a nice Valentine's Day for you and your girls.

Bonnie said...

Feeling the joy all the way over here. They are adorable, the big and little ones! Nice to see you posting now and again! Love it!

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Elise said...

What a nice family you are!