Saturday, September 3, 2011

How is this fair, I ask you?

I get up before the dawn each and every day, and work out until I can literally wring my clothes out (ugly mental image. I apologize. But still....) and my dearest beloved who sits at his desk all day and then comes home to the couch, can still totally kick my tushy when it comes to bike rides. The little dot you see way, way up ahead of me on the road is him. I was sneaky and let him get way ahead of me this one time so I could get this picture. :) All the rest of the time he was about two inches from me, watching over me and making sure that I didn't do anything clutzey like I have been known to do on previous bike trips. Oh, that everyone should have such a doting guardian angel! Truth be told, if I weren't holding him back, he would have lapped me about 5 times before I made it back to our van... I guess his trip across California on his bike a couple years ago lingers on in his muscle memory. Or something. Cuz....dang. It just doesn't seem fair...
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