Wednesday, October 26, 2011

SWEET potatoes.....


Okay, here's a little peek into the life I get to live....I opened up the refrigerator today to find this note on a plate containing two huge sweet potatoes. Let me explain. Last week, I bought an entire bag of sweet potatoes at Sam's club....because they were there. Now mind you, neither Torrey nor I like them. And we are the only two people who actually live in this house. So, go figure. My school of thought was that we SHOULD like them. They are good for us. They are loaded with antioxidants. Uhm. It is Fall. They are orange.... They were there. So you can see how I suddenly found them to be entirely irresistable. No? Okay, well anyway. On with my story.
I had just returned from a trip to Colorado where my mother had mentioned that she actually cooks her (regular) potatoes in the crock pot instead of baking them in the oven, and they turn out great. I thought that was genius. I simply had to try it. But I decided right there on the spot in Sam's Club, that I would try it with sweet potatoes. Maybe somehow that would just put them over the top, and Torrey and I would have found our new favorite food! Right? RIGHT??? It could happen...
But it didn't. They did indeed turn out perfect in the crock pot. That part is for sure. But there was one problem. They were still sweet potatoes. Which neither one of us like. Did I mention that? Anyway, I valiantly ate one. Well, half. Okay, a fourth. Then Torrey valiantly ate some, too. We pawned 3 of the hugest ones onto Torrey's Mom, who lives nearby and happens to love sweet potatoes. Now there's a tender mercy. I hate wasting food. But. There were still these two ugly ones left. And so I put them on a plate, right in the very front of the fridge so I wouldn't forget about them. That worked. I didn't forget about them at all. Perish the thought. Instead, every single time I opened the fridge, I thought, "UGH. Sweet Potatoes." And I watched them get uglier and uglier by the day. First they developed a funky sheen. Unnatural, I thought, as I reached across them to get to the real food. Then, they sort of started to sink in on themselves. I wasn't entirely opposed to that--unlike the sheen which I personally found quite offensive--because in the back of my mind I was sort of intrigued by that and secretly hopeful that they would just continue to sink and sink and sink until there was nothing left of them at all. Not even a little sheeny spot on the plate. Then I could just merrily toss it into the dishwasher and think "Huh. Wonder why I left an empty plate in the fridge." Hey. That happens around here.
Anyway, the sinking into invisibility plan did not work out. They just sunk enough to look even uglier, so I was left with my inner debate: to toss or not to toss. I decided to decide that later. Which was when I found the note. Which made it all worth it. I would buy that entire bag of sweet potatoes again just to experience the note. Oh the notes we have traded back and forth over the years! Those notes and the ensuing laughter are some of the BEST parts of my life.
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Kevin said...

HAHAHAHA!!! That is hysterical! I love you and Dad and they way you guys are always finding ways to laugh. Thanks for sharing this, it totally brought a smile to my face. =)

LA Adams said...

You may think you are Technologically challenged... but that certainly doesn't apply to story telling! This is priceless!

Caroline Craven said...

So funny, and a perfectly told story. I followed all of it! You're a gem!!!

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