Friday, December 26, 2008

Mom's Christmas toys


My darling Bryce and Haley remembered how I loved playing with one of these at Thanksgiving, so they bought me FIVE of them for Christmas! I'm glad I found out that they are really called 'water snakes'. Good to know. :)
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McEwens said...

you are SO fun! What great pictures from Christmas! I love the ROARING fire!!! We dont lit our fireplace either, go figure!

Have a great day Con!

Connie said...

You too, Pam! And thanks for always making me smile!!!!

I'm glad to hear that you guys don't use your fireplace either... That seems even worse when you live in Denver for some reason. :) I draw great comfort from that.


Bonnie said...

So what are these things you got?

Bryce said...

I adore you, my dear, dear mother. This picture cracks me up.

And I'm glad you liked your little toys. :)

Connie said...

My little "things" are called water snakes, and they are a squishy little tube that has a hole through the middle and you just play with their little jiggly, wiggly-ness for hours on least you do that if you are me...

Some things are hard to explain. :)