Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sunday lunch and games at Bryce and Haley's


The first Sunday we were in Utah, Shelli and Eldon spoke in their Sacrament meeting. We were delighted to be in town for that. Little did we know that Bryce and Haley were speaking the very next week, so we stayed an extra day to hear them speak, too. How can you beat that timing???? It was wonderful!!!! They all did a great job. After Church the first week, Bryce and Haley had us over for a delicious dinner of roast, veggies, salad, and the world's best pumpkin pie. We felt so spoiled and pampered--it was great!!! We then played games and laughed our heads off...literally. Torrey blacks out when he laughs too hard, so you know it's a good time when Daddy checks out for a few seconds--which he did. You should go to the doctor about that, you say? Oh, we did. They told him not to laugh so hard. Right....Does the doctor know what family he belongs to???? (Anyone know a good doctor?)
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