Friday, July 17, 2009

Waiting (and waiting and waiting) for Kevin at the Oakland Airport


So, when you are leapfrogging across the world to get to your home, there tends to be quite a few flights involved. Some you make just fine, and others you miss. :) Oh, well, instead of getting him at 10:45, we got him a couple hours later. :) Not that we were EXCITED or anything!

Funny side note: We had saved the banner that said WELCOME HOME from when Bryce got home from his mission. It was a nice big plastic banner and it matched the red, white, and blue theme of our balloons, so I was pleased....Until I unfurled the banner a few minutes before we left the house for the airport, and noticed that I had saved the wrong banner. It said HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And although I truly hoped that Kev had indeed had a very happy birthday, that was just not what we were going for right then. Luckily for me, Shauna and Shelli stepped up and made a couple quick homemade posters so Kev would feel oh-so-very special. :)
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