Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Three Musketeers


The party is almost over for now, so we have to document this moment in time when these three were all living together under our roof....One of my favorite things in life is the love and adoration that they have for each other, and the absolute BLAST that they have together. Now if we only had Shelli's family here...I can dream, can't I?! :)
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Shelli said...

I could weep with longing. When there are only three of us together, no matter who the fourth is, it just feels wrong. When I was talking to Bryce this afternoon we agreed that when there are only two of us together it's not so bad. But when there are three it's harder to be incomplete. Sorry, Bryce ... you're in for 8 months of that. You should have a baby or something. :)