Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bryce's Halloween Costume


Bryce wants to be a spider for Halloween....I guess. I think that is a little bit of an awkward costume, personally. But that's just me.

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McEwens said...

I LOVE it! I mena cant his friends just carry him around?

Can I just say we had a great time last night! Although I KNOW they would rather have had you there! You can catch a link of the show on Utube.

Connie said...

I know! Fairweather friends--Sheesh!!! (I'm just kidding!!! I love you all and you know it!)

I'm sure you girls did have a blast last night. I would have LOVED to have been with you-- I just know I missed out on way too much FAVORITE thing! :)

Bryce said...

For the record, I was actually acting out the scene from "The Emperor's New Groove" when the fly is caught in the spider's web and is squealing, "Help me! Help me!" right before it gets munched by a big ol' spider. And yes, my face is contorted in the picture because I was also doing the fly's lines. With gusto.

I'm not sure how that additional information helps me appear more normal...

ELDON and SHELLI said...

You should just stop talking, Bruce, because there is NO justification of normalcy for this image. :) Funny though!! :)