Sunday, October 12, 2008

What a wonderful weekend!

Well! We had a lovely weekend in Reno with our daughters Shauna and Shelli. We attended 'Time Out for Couples' at the Reno Event Center on Friday night, and then we went to the 'Time Out for Women and Girls' the next day. It was beyond wonderful to be together with our little expectant momma, Shelli. Now that she is married and living away from us, every moment with her is precious!

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Torrey said...

Yes, we had a great weekend. But I was definitely out-numbered. On Saturday night we ended up at a clothing store, looking at all the cute baby clothes for little girls. Holy cow, there were a lot of them!! I had to call Eldon (Shelli's husband) for a little testosterone sanity check. He gave me the college football scores for the day, so I survived. :)