Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Oscar Meyer Wiener

For reasons that will remain deeply embedded in the fiber of our family, it was an awesome coincidence to happen upon this...... Wiener Mobile. Trust me--it was truly miraculous timing. :) As we were having our photo op, the girls whose job it is to drive this lovely piece of machinery came up to us, dug into their pockets, and handed each of us a wiener whistle. (Individually wrapped for our family's protection.) I am not lying.


Bonnie said...

OK can you hear me screaming...I am so excited! Shelli and whomever else in the fan club had a hand in this...praise you! Connie, you going to love blogging and you will be so fantastic at it. I love your title!

Lanette said...

OK I love the picture at the top - it cracks me up completely - especially that Torrey is pasted in since he's probably at the church....I'm so happy you've joined the blogging world - I can't wait to check in!

ELDON and SHELLI said...

Shauna left me a joyful message about finding that truck, and then left me another message 2 minutes later singing this song:

"I forgot to blow my weiner whistle!
I forgot to blow my weiner whistle!
I forgot to blow my weiner whistle!

You get the idea. I was laughing out loud by myself with the other travelers waiting to board the plane. SO funny.

I'm glad you kept that header ... it really is a hysterical image. :)

Connie said...

I couldn't change the header picture if I wanted to, so thank goodness I don't. :) I think it's funny, too. However, this lovely little picture that appears beside my name hurts my feelings. Surely we can find something better than that? Can't we? (Please?)

Ye Gadz.