Saturday, November 8, 2008

Oh, Beautiful, for spacious skies...please take me far away


Yesterday was one of those days that you just don't see coming. It started the day before when we took Shauna's little beater car in for new brakes. By the time we were half a block away from the mechanic, those new brakes were squeeling like a very unhappy little piggy. So, we had to take the car back in the next morning to get them fixed correctly. Our regular mechanic was out of town, so 'Rob' was doing all the work. Rob is the assistant mechanic, or something. Now Rob is nice, and Shauna even thought Rob was quite cute, but Rob was not good at brakes. After two false starts home, where I made it about a block before I was forced to turn back and tell Rob that he needed to try harder, I was still sitting in the nearby Jack-in-the-Box restaurant waiting. I had elected to just wait it out instead of calling someone to pick me up and take me home since I was told it would be a quick and easy procedure to de-squeal the brakes. Not so. Rob was being valiant, but to no avail. Finally he had to order new parts since he said the first ones were 'defective' and we had to start the whole process over. I was starting to feel that Rob was slightly defective himself, but being a nice and mostly patient person I tried to keep those thoughts to myself. (As you can plainly see.) Anyway, I had brought some projects with me to work on in my new office in Jack-in-the-box, so I was completely contented for the first several hours. I was also happy to be so close to a reliable food and drink source, just in case. I ended up eating two meals there, and was grateful for the 57 free refills that came with my original drink at 8:30 a.m. However, as the afternoon wore on, my nerves were frayed. Mostly because of the unique and special woman who works there. She was a special one, she was. She referred to herself as the 'crazy lady' and would sing into the drive-thru speaker (and I swear on my life that this is totally true) "Hey, hey, hey, How can we help you today?" and sometimes she would mix it up a little with this version: "Hey, hey, hey, crazy lady's here today." To which I would have to heartily agree. Now some people were slightly amused with this unusual approach, but many, many more were not. Me included. You can either drink 57 cups of diet Pepsi, or hear that song 687 times, but not both. I was struggling. So, I went outside and took this beautiful picture of the fall colors against the gorgeous blue sky. It was a lovely escape while it lasted, but since I was well into my 37th cup, I soon had to go back inside. I got home at 4:00 in the afternoon, after having read an entire book and finishing up quite a few little projects. It actually was a very comfortable and adequate place to wait--much better than the horrific accomodations at my mechanic's place--but by the time I left I was overly caffeinated and feeling, oh I don't know, a little....crazy. Hey, hey, hey.
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Bonnie said...

I love you, Con, you are one funny lady. You should have called me I'd have come to get you but I might have had a little fruitcake for ya. You have to have read my current post to get this!

Lanette said...

Connie you crack me up... you had me laughing out loud! You should have called me at least to hear the crazy lady. We could have had a party!

Connie said...

Oh, Bon, believe me, I was having plenty of "fruitcake" right there in Jack-in-the-Box with the crazy lady. Oh yes. Plenty. I read your post and loved it--I sooo agree about keeping our germs AND our fruitcakes to ourselves. My mother loves fruitcake. I don't see how that could possibly be, but whatever.

Lanette--I totally should have called you and held the phone up so you could join me in crazy land. It was quite memorable. I can't get that stupid little song out of my head!!!!!!! AAHGHAHAHAHG!